Program Benefits

Access to world-class business coaches and international visiting faculty from global top universities.

Exposure to cutting-edge concepts such as design thinking, artificial intelligence, and data science.

‘Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management’
Course Completion Certificate duly recognized by Dubai Govt’s education regulator – Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

New UAE company incorporation with Investor Visa of 2 years validity for each student.

Additional UAE residency visa with 2 years validity for parents and spouse + children (if applicable!) can be obtained at a special price.

6 Months Program In Dubai

At MIDAS & CS School of Entrepreneurship, we foster an ecosystem designed for students to witness their ideas materialize and gain invaluable insights on initiating or expanding their ventures. Our focus is on empowering individuals to embark on entrepreneurial journeys, providing guidance on business inception and growth.


Experience the journey of building a business in three transformative stages

At Midas and CS Institute of Management, the entrepreneurial mind set thrives on blending creativity with structure, fuelling innovation through active brainstorming and the study of real businesses from around the world for a global perspective. Real-time workshops and experiments drive hands-on ideation, embracing diverse perspectives to foster curiosity and unconventional thinking. This mind set also gets formed from industrial visits on a weekly basis, offering insights from the real world to enrich true entrepreneurial endeavours!

The entrepreneurial process involves market research, customer surveys, pricing analysis, and competitor evaluation to shape the path forward for budding entrepreneurs.

Validating ideas is crucial as it aligns personal concepts with market acceptance offering a clear path ahead. Industrial visits provide real-world insights, culminating in a Business Idea Validation Project applying the Lean Start-up Methodology for feasibility analysis and interaction with key stakeholders!

Entrepreneurial execution is the final step and perhaps the ‘most crucial’ which involves shaping your business idea armed with the appropriate tools and knowledge, supported by resources and vendor partners. It culminates in setting up your business within 6 months and focuses on developing prototypes for start-ups or integrating new products or concepts with an existing family businesses.

At MIDAS & CS Institute of Management, the Entrepreneurial Execution phase concludes with a unique showcase : the MIDAS & CS Bazaar where detailed business plans and prototypes are presented to a panel of experts and invited family members offering insights into the final execution of the business plan!!

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